The main purpose of this process is the elimination of any type of microbes or plagues, which it may contain. We specifically seek to exterminate any fruit fly larvae. Once the hot water treatment ends, the fruit is left to cool down and dry at room temperature to avoid any posible damage to the mango. When the product is totally dry, workers for the selection of the highest quality mangoes deposit it into a conveyor belt in order to be examinated.

Lastly all the mangoes chosen for their quality are packed in boxes, which weight 4,5 - 5 kg. Condition required for accessing the international markets. After packed these boxes are put on pallets and taken to the refrigerated rooms until the time that they are ready to be exported.

In order for "Empaque Don Jorge" to undertake the export of its products, it needs to avail itself with strict international measures of hygiene and cleanliness. To meet these measures it must have a special cloth to prevent the access of any type of insects that may damage the fruit. Such protection must cover on the entire the infrastructure of the plant, to ensure its complete isolation.

This measures allows "Empaque Don Jorge" to obtain the international certification of USDA ant at the same time to fulfill the commitment stated above.

The Mango goes through a process of quality control more rigorous than the applied to the chili pepper. For export purposes "Empaque Don Jorge" needs to have international authorized machinery to submit the mango for processing in Hot Water Treatment. The Hot Water Treatment applied to the mango consists of an elaborate process. First it must have a large container with water heated at 110-115°F. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the mango is deposited into containers for washing. The time set for washing the fruit goes accordingly to the size.

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