In order to fulfill the expectations of our clients we counted on different certifications that guarantee we only handled quality products.
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Laboratories in Food Security of Agriculture.
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EMPAQUE DON JORGE is a Mexican company that it has as objective primordial the harvest, packing, distribution and commercialization of fruits and vegetables of high quality, fulfilling international standards.

Our main products that we handled are mango, chili peppers and tomatoes, that mostly are exported to the United States, Canada, Japan and several countries in Europe.

Our present volume of production is of 4750 boxes per hour approximately.
The average of export is 8,4 daily boardings with an amount of 24 pallets by boarding and the amount of 4500 boxes.

Within our products range we handled a great variety of marks recognized by its quality, by means of our Web site EMPAQUE DON JORGE allows you to make quotations in line, on anyone of them.

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