In 1960 Mr. Jorge Longinos Crespo Lizarraga established a business in el Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico, for planting, harvesting, buying-selling and distribution of hot chili peppers in their different varieties in the main markets of Mexico.

In 1971, Mr. Roberto Crespo Fitch founded “Empaque Don Jorge” (in honor of his father), as a Mexican company continuing serving the national market. Through the years the company has been in a steady growth and evolution, enabling it to place itself at the international level.

The company’s main tasks are the production and export of chili peppers and mangoes, and in a minor scale other vegetables and agricultural products of the region, such as tomatoes, green tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc.

In 1996 R.C.F. Produce, Inc (Roberto Crespo Fitch Produce, Inc) was established in Nogales, Arizona, as an international produce shipper using its own brand names “RCF, Crespo’s and El Rosario” for the purpose of exporting mangoes and chili peppers to The United States and Canada. Since then RCF Produce, Inc is exporting produce products to all over the world.

In order to establish a more convenient route to the east of the United States, in 2000 Don Roberto Crespo, opened another company in the U.S. but this time in McAllen, Texas under the name of his hometown, been established as El Rosario Produce, LLC.

Since then “Grupo Crespo” continues to bring you the best quality produce to satisfy the consumer’s need.


"Empaque Don Jorge" has as priority objective the harvest, packing, distribution and commercialization of fruits and vegetables of high quality, fulfilling international standards. Of important way, it focuses to satisfy the sanitary requirements that international community demands at the present time, the reason to focus in those requisite, is to become the most competitive exporter at world-wide level.

At the same time is committed with the environmental conservation, the improvement of its community and supports to its collaborators in different ways, so this set of factors, are the key pieces for the success of any company.

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